Our Story: The Savannah's Candy Kitchen Legacy

At Savannah's Candy Kitchen, our story is as rich and sweet as the confections we create. For over four decades, the Strickland family has been dedicated to crafting Southern delights that warm the hearts and delight the taste buds of those who savor them. Our tale begins with Stan "the Candy Man" Strickland, the visionary founder whose love for candy and family traditions sparked the creation of a candy-making empire.

A Legacy of Sweetness

Stan Strickland's love for candy-making traces back to his childhood, where he learned the art of creating delectable treats from his mother. He watched in awe as she carefully selected the finest ingredients, and the cup of her hand became a measure of love and tradition. Stan's mother imparted her passion and old-fashioned methods, inspiring a lifelong dedication to crafting exceptional confections.

In 1973, with a heart brimming with the sweet memories of his mother's kitchen and a desire to honor her legacy, Stan established Savannah's Candy Kitchen. The journey was fueled by a commitment to preserving Southern recipes and sharing the joy that comes from traditional, handcrafted candies.

Honoring Our Roots, Creating a Legacy

Today, Savannah's Candy Kitchen stands as a testament to Stan's vision and enduring commitment to quality and tradition. Stan's wife, Tonya, and son, Rhett, have carried on his sweet legacy, continuing the family business with unwavering dedication and passion.

Our team at Savannah's Candy Kitchen is more than a group of employees; we are a family united by a shared love for creating irresistible sweets. With every batch we handcraft, we honor the timeless recipes and techniques passed down through generations. Each candy represents a slice of Southern tradition and a tribute to Stan's enduring love for the art of candy-making.

Crafting Happiness, One Sweet at a Time

Our candy-making journey is infused with the essence of Southern warmth and love. We invite you to experience the joy we pour into every confection and the love that goes into preserving our family's legacy. From pralines to toffees, every piece of candy embodies our dedication to quality, tradition, and the sweet memories of yesteryears.

Join us in this delicious adventure as we craft happiness, one sweet at a time. Taste the love, taste the tradition—taste Savannah's Candy Kitchen.