Savannah’s Party Tray

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A term of endearment for Savannah, Georgia, is “The Hostess City.”

This tray draws inspiration from the many lively gatherings enjoyed in historic downtown Savannah.

Enhance any party or holiday dessert table with Savannah's Party Tray, showcasing an exquisite assortment of our handcrafted candies. This carefully arranged tray features original pralines, milk chocolate gophers, milk chocolate-covered peanut brittle, glazed pecan caramel corn, white chocolate-covered pretzel bites, and delectable milk chocolate-covered treats.

This tray is offered in two convenient sizes: medium and large.

Medium tray includes:

  • Five 1.3-ounce original pralines (unwrapped).
  • Five 1.3-ounce milk chocolate gophers (unwrapped).
  • 3.1 ounces of glazed peanuts.*
  • 10.5 ounces of chocolate peanuts.*
  • 3.6 ounces of caramel pecan popcorn.*
  • Ten ounces of chocolate-covered peanut brittle.*
  • Five ounces of white chocolate pretzel bits.*

Large tray includes:

  • Eight 1.3-ounce original pralines (unwrapped).
  • Eight 1.3-ounce milk chocolate gophers (unwrapped).
  • Eight ounces of glazed peanuts.*
  • 1.2 pounds of chocolate peanuts.*
  • 1.2 pounds of chocolate-covered peanut brittle.*
  • Eight ounces of caramel pecan popcorn.*
  • 9.3 ounces of white chocolate pretzel bits.*

Product detail:

  • The tray is sealed for freshness.
  • It contains products in all seven sections of the tray.

* Weights may vary slightly.