Baby Gophers in a Thank You Themed Gift Box

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  • $29.95

Share the gift of gratitude with our petite version of our famous milk chocolate Gophers.

Send a gift of appreciation with one of Savannah's favorites.

This candy melts in your mouth, featuring a luscious, handcrafted buttery caramel core with Georgia pecan pieces. It’s a delightful treat to enjoy and an excellent gift choice.

You’ll receive baby gophers in our Savannah’s Candy Kitchen Thank You Themed gift box and your choice of 24 or 48 pieces. 

Ingredients include:

  • Georgia pecan halves.
  • Southern-style caramel.
  • Creamy milk chocolate.
  • Real butter.

Product details:

  • Individually wrapped.
  • Sold in boxes of 24 or 48 pieces.
  • Packaged in our iconic Savannah’s Candy Kitchen Thank You themed gift box.