Juliet’s Heart Box

  • $59.95

A plush affair of sweetness and elegance.

Immerse your loved one (and yourself) in the charm of Juliet’s Heart, a romantic plush, velvet heart-shaped box filled with artisanal confections.

Crafted with precision and care, this lovely heart is a visual masterpiece filled with handcrafted candies and chocolate, a symbol of love and affection. Indulge in a world of sweetness with our signature original pralines, irresistible milk chocolate gophers, and the perfect blend of milk and dark chocolate sea salt caramels. Handmade chocolate truffles add a touch of velvety luxury, while the satisfying crunch of milk chocolate-covered peanuts completes this decadent assortment.

Juliet’s Heart Box includes:

  • One 4-ounce bag of chocolate peanuts.
  • One 4-piece tray of assorted sea salt caramels:
    • Two milk chocolate caramels.
    • Two dark chocolate caramels.
  • Three individually wrapped 1.3-ounce milk chocolate gophers.
  • One 1.3-ounce praline.
  • One 4-piece tray of assorted handmade truffles:
    • One milk chocolate truffle.
    • One white chocolate truffle.
    • One dark chocolate raspberry.
    • One milk chocolate strawberry.

Product details:

  • Delivered in a velvety plush red heart.
  • Products are individually wrapped for maximum freshness.