The Chatham Five Story Chocolate Tower

- $10.00
  • $59.95
  • $69.95

A chocolate lover’s dream tower!

Imagine a stack of gold boxes filled with handcrafted candies.

Our chocolatiers have outdone themselves with this variety of chocolate-dipped candies packed in lavish gift boxes. Each tower includes five festive layers of boxes overflowing with our candymaker’s favorite chocolates.

Tower includes:

  • Six individually wrapped milk chocolate pretzels with white chocolate swirls.
  • Four 1.3-ounce individually wrapped milk chocolate turtles.
  • One 6-piece milk chocolate sea salt caramels in a tray with truffles and sealed in a box.
  • One 6-piece tray of assorted truffles and a 6-piece tray of milk chocolate sea salt caramels in a tray and sealed in a box.
  • One 5.3-ounce sealed package of chocolate-covered peanut brittle.
  • One 4-ounce bag of chocolate peanuts.

Product details:

  • A tower of five boxes with individually packed candies for maximum freshness.
  • Delivered in beautifully decorated boxes.